Why Do Kids Get Bullied?


What happens when kids get bullied? I’m going to tell you the point of view of kids who get bullied and maybe you will think twice about that fat joke.

 When people get bullied, their self-esteem goes down. They think of many negative things and are very confused in life. Sometimes, it leads to drugs and alcohol. School grades go down, and feelings are very hurt. How these kids cannot let this happen is stand up for themselves . And that is hard when people are making fun of someone trying to fit in, and be who everyone else wanted them to be. 

If you have ever got bullied, tell someone as soon as possible (ASAP) they will help with the problem. They will want to talk about what is happing. They will tell their parents and the school (if you are getting bullied at school). If you are getting bullied tell someone. Don’t be shy and speak out for yourself.



Cyber Bullying


Hey, I’m Chloe! My topic is about cyber bullying this week. I chose this topic because in our society today it’s a very big deal, it’s almost as bad as bullying at school. Cyber bullying happens every day.

            There are ways that can prevent this, but they won’t always work. There are ways for parents and children. Parents who are out there and who want to protect their children, they can set up a program so they can monitor their child’s   computer to see the websites and see what they are doing. You should also tell an adult. If you are having troubles with bullying you should defiantly tell your parents, counselor, and your teacher so, they know what is going on. ..Bullying hurts other kids. Kids try to hurt, kill, or harm themselves. Families can also devastated and in grief.

But, for the children who are getting bullied, you can put up private profiles on internet. But, you still need to be careful, because your friends could still bully you too.

Have you ever been bullied? How?




Welcome To Our Blog!!!


Hello! We are Chloe and Paige. We are doing a blog together. Our blog is about bullying. We were inspired to write our blog about bullying because it is a big problem not only at school but, at home or in the community. We will be including topics about bullying like, how to stop it, or what a bystander should do, and what and why the bullies do what they do.

Hi! My name is Paige. I’m in 6th grade. One thing I like to do is walk my dogs. I also like to hang out with my friends. One of my really close friends is the person I’m writing with, Chloe. We are in the same computer class. I love to write poetry. I also like to sing. I hope that this blog will help people understand not to bully and what bullying can do to people.

Hey, my name is Chloe. I like to draw. I love to practice my karate forms. My best friend is Paige. We like to do a lot of things together. We are in the same homeroom too. My favorite subject in school is Math. My favorite food is corn. I like to do a lot of things, but my favorite thing to do is hang out with my friends.



Physical Bullying


The bullying I’m doing is physical bullying. This can lead to many problems and sometimes if it’s that bad, lead to suicide. People all over the world get hurt by people who think they are better then everyone. They just to it to be cool or to show off for someone they like or wanna be friends with. This kind of bullying is one of the worst.

Have you ever seen anyone getting bullied? Just go back to that day, what did you do?  Did you tell a teacher? Did you ask them if they were ok? Did u stand up for them? Do you feel bad because you didn’t do anything? Those are questions people ask themselves all the time because they see someone getting bullied every day. This happens everywhere in the world. Most people don’t know what to do because they don’t wanna be the nerd and help someone. This is the worst thing to do.

If you have ever been bullied, tell someone. A teacher, mom, dad, or a super nice, trustful friend. You don’t want to tell someone that will spread the word. A friend has to be like your sister or brother. This can help with the way you feel. Bottling up all things that make you feel alone are bad. Just remember, you’re not alone, there are many people that care about you, stick with them.

If you get caught getting bullying you can get in big trouble with the law. Do you want to go to jail for just trying to impress someone? It’s not the right thing. You have to watch what you say or even what you do. The right thing sometimes is the wrong thing is the wrong thing is sometimes the right thing. Just remember, put yourself in THEIR shoes, and feel how they feel!





          Do you the consequences of bullying, for the bullies? I have chosen this topic because when kids get caught for bullying, they seem very surprised of what the consequences are. Studies show that if you reach out to your community and help in the community, you will drift away from bullying.

          You shouldn’t bully people because of what is does to the victim or even what it does to yourself. Your reaction to this would be guilty because you are a bully first of all. Second of all, you would be hurt that you hurt something else. If this happens you can talk to your parents, or if you are not comfortable, you could also talk to a counselor. Consequences to bullying are: you are likely to be attracted to abuse, you continue to bully, and you will be attracted to drugs and alcohol.

Have you ever been the bully, and you didn’t know the consequences? Were you surprised?


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